Paris Book, French Press release.

I am excited that Christian Caujolle will be writing the preface to my book.

My limited edition print for Aperture sold out the week it was released!


If you don't want to miss out on another picture, please visit Houk Gallery. Houk Gallery

Adam Gopnik

Adam Gopnik says this in his great book, Paris to the Moon, and it seems to apply so well to my work:

"An apartment in New York is a blank slate.  In Paris it is already a parsed sentence. A string of imperfect verbs hidden conditional constructions, and long ,intricately wrought clauses in the past tense. " 

Hopper Boston Globe

I am off to Gloucester this week (more Hopper to discover?).  This article about my work in the Boston Globe makes me want to keep working on my Hopper series! Boston Globe

Cathy Remy, photo editor of Le Monde, M, writes the introduction to my book!

Check out Cathy Remy's great article about my work in Le Monde:Le Monde Article

New York Magazine Previews my new book.

New York Magazine

New Book coming out!



Out My Window on Jay Z's Life+Times blog!

Check out this link to my work and an interview with me on Jay Z's blog, Life+Times!


It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog because I have been so busy working on my book!  It is now available to order!  Check it out at powerHouse:

Lots more news coming soon.  New gallery information and new shoots planned.  I am currently scouting new locations in the NYC area - let me know if you know anyone in NYC who has an interesting view into their neighbor's windows!


Living Alone

I was excited to see my pictures in Time Magazine today - a story about living alone. The picture is from my upcoming book: Out My Window.

Check out the magazine:


Italians Looking Into New Yorkers Windows

Excited to see my pictures in the Italian Magazine, Internazionale.


Years Later

It has been amazing to reconnect with people I have not seen in ages - part of my Years Later Project!


I am so excited to be part of a group show at the Flo Peters Gallery.
A sneak peek at some of my new work!

Cover of the New York Times Magazine

I loved seeing my picture on the Cover of the NEW YORK TIMES!!!!!! Thanks to Heidi and her family for sitting for the shoot!

Family DInners

I have been having a great time trying out recipes from the Family Dinner shoot I did for Real Simple!

Have a Heart

Very excited to report that the Have a Hear Photography auction that benefits pediatric cardiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital raised over $50,000. It is a great hospital and I hope to spread the word to help as many kids as I can get the care they deserve! Thanks to all the donors! Great photographers donated work to auction of to raise money. The photo you see here is one of the 6 David Levinthal donated!


Show extended!

I am excited to say that the show I am in has been extended to the fall so all of you who are on vacation have a chance to see it when you return!
NY TEMPORARY: The City Through Photography, Film and Video
21 June - 1 October 2011
Curated by Liam Davis and H P Garcia
Address | Map
580 Eighth Avenue, 7th Floor
@ 38th Street


Davidson College

I am in a great show at Davidson College - the collection of John MacMahon and Joel Von Ranson.
The new show, "People Places Power: Reframing the American Landscape," at the Van Every Gallery at Davidson College features a potent mix of large-scale photographs interpreting the relationships between humans, their buildings and their landscapes in 21st-century America.

Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/01/28/2018090/photos-visit-terrain-of-beauty.html#ixzz1DfTshRtU


I am excited to hear how great the response was to my work in the recent show in Tokyo:
Tokio Out of Place gallery's new exhibition, curated by the New York-based curator Mako Wakasa, is a group show of four photographers: Gail Albert Halaban, Lisa Kereszi, Mayumi Terada and Shellburne Thurber. Although very different in style, all the works reference the concept of interiors, real or metaphorical.

Tiger Mother

My portrait of the Tiger Mother is being seen around the world! If you are in Italy, Portugal, France . . . check out the book Amy Chua wrote - it definitely makes you question different parenting styles. After reading it, I watched Mary Poppins and think I lean towards the spoonful of sugar method.



Hanging (and flying with kids)

I have had a great time recently - took a few days off from snooping into people's windows to do a great ad job - had kids flying for my camera! It was really fun!



Mom Culture Interview

Mom Culture just posted an interview with me.

When did you realize you loved photography and at what moment did you realize you could do this professionally?

I have loved photography since my first grade science fair when my mom and I made a pinhole camera out of an oatmeal cereal box. I didn’t decide to do it professionally until after college where I was a pre-med student. I didn’t really think of it as a real job but my parents encouraged me to give it a whirl. I went to graduate school for an MFA instead of Med School.

Read the rest of the interview here.